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The "Planning" process handles the activity and project planning for each product launch. You can create milestones, tracks, workstreams and activities to manage local and global launches. 


  • Milestone plan

  • Project plan

  • Budget plan

Milestone plan

​This is a detailed rollout plan, that let you plan milestones on product and area level. Creation and changes of milestones are tracked with change reasons to provide insights on delays and challenges.

Milestones such as commercial launch are access restricted and changes are verified via approval flows.


  • Launch calculator for milestone planning

  • Custom notification on milestone change

  • Approval flow

  • Access restriction on content level

  • Excel analysis

  • Access restriction on content level

  • Tracking on change reason

Planning - Launch timeline
Planning - Rollout plan calendar
Planning - Rollout plan create
Planning - Activity planning
Planning - Activity tracking
Planning - Create activity

Project plan

This module handles the activity and project planning for each product launch. The user can create tracks, workstreams and activities for each product launch.

Activity properties (e.g. responsible, category, target group, status, progress) can be set and tracked as well. Activity plans can be generated and managed on product and country level.

This provides the local launch manager of tracking multiple products, while the product manager can track the progress across different countries.


  • Access restriction on content level

  • Multiple activity plans

  • Responsibility and progress tracking

  • Overview across products and organisation

  • Automatic management reporting

  • Templates for specific market types

  • Customizable tracks and workstreams

Budget plan

Budget figures on costs can be applied per month to all activities and version controlled to follow financial budgeting cycles.

Budgeted and realised costs are tracked on activity level, which makes it possible to aggregate and monitor on a higher level.


  • Access restriction on content level

  • Budgeting on activity level

  • Version controlled budget planning

  • Budget and spend tracking

  • Connect finance to project planning

  • Financial transparency across products, organisation and activities

  • Excel analysis

  • Automatic management reporting

Planning - Budget planning
Planning - Budget tracking
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