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Launch Tracking

Your product is finally launched, but does it perform as expected? Intelligence and visibility on performance are crucial to respond on challenges. This is a data driven process, which should provide answers on product uptake and forecasting.


The Launch Tracker module provides a standardized data warehouse and data mart for your data sources.

Just load the data and everything is ready for reporting and analysis. The module comes with ready-to-use data marts, aggregation rules, BI reports and 3rd party integration.

End users can comment, customize, distribute and access restrict reports.


  • Ready-to-use data marts for spend, budget, sales, in-market sales, patients, forecasts.

  • Optimized for IQVIA in-market data

  • Integrate to other data sources

  • Local data source workflow

  • Report commenting

  • Standardized and custom reports

  • Ready-to-use calculation and aggregation formulas

  • Excel analysis

  • Data warehouse for 3rd party BI systems (PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik)

  • Content bases access restriction

  • Power BI integrated

  • Interactive overview

Launch Tracker - Corporation performance
Launch tracker - Data workflow
Launch tracker - Local market
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