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Launch Readiness

The readiness of a launch depends on different areas in the company. By using area 'gates' you can ensure launch readiness across the organization. Each launch has its own checklist and activity assessment to measure the quality of the launch activities.


  • Readiness checklist

  • Gate approval

  • Activity assessment

Readiness checklist

The readiness checklist verifies if all tasks and requirements are performed within the expected quality. Generic or custom checklist can be made and filled in prior to a product launch.


  • Multiple checklists

  • Track score across products, organisation and countries

  • Automatic management reporting

  • Checklist templates for specific market types

  • Customize rating and score

  • Access restriction on content level

Launch Readiness - Checklist Dashboard
Launch Readiness - Gate planning Dashboard
Launch Readiness - Gate progress Dashboard

Gate approval

The "Gate approval" is simple way to let different areas and key stakeholders approve and flag readiness within a launch phase. The gates are an overall assessment and approval of the main launch phase.


  • Customize gates

  • Approval flow

  • Track progress and timeliness

  • Automatic management reporting

  • Deadline notifications

  • Access restriction on content level

Activity assessment

The completion of an activity doesn't state its quality and how well it was performed. Having an overview of a qualitative assessment is an efficient way to identify potential risks before launching the product.


  • Connected to the activity plan

  • Track score across products, organisation and activities

  • Automatic management reporting

  • Customize rating and score

  • Integration to Power BI

  • Custom BI reports

  • Access restriction on content level

Launch Readiness - Activity assessment Dashboard
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